Mission, Star, Mountains & Core Motivator

STAR: To reach a global client base

CORE MOTIVATOR: Problem-solving


Long-Term – Take on larger and larger clients now that the staffing and resources are available to do so. With these clients come larger and more challenging projects.

Mid-Term – After successfully building up a strong enough local client-base, expanding with the freelance business, becoming fully-fledged, hiring staff.

Short-Term – Continue on with the clients I currently have, expand subtly in the next year, take on more clients, continue to look for design-firm employment.

DESIGN MISSION STATEMENT: As designers, practical thinkers, problem solvers and jacks of many trades, it is our responsibility to wield our power and influence to shape the future for better. It is with this power that we will be manipulating the realms of fashion, film, technology, advertising, and art; all at our disposal whether for better or for worse. It is this power that we will hold up as a beacon, to light the way, one in which we will pass from generation to generation. We will strive to only choose projects and clients that keep our interests peaked and inspiration in full. Every designer is a sum total of their experiences. As our experiences tack on, become challenging, begin to multiply, the designer in turn changes too. And we will happily adapt. Our power is a responsibility to the world, to choose the path in which most benefits ourselves, each other and the client. We will fulfill our artistic desires to the fullest of our ability.


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