Brand Persona & User Story

– Name: Mark So-and-so

– Age: 30 – 45 year old professional

– Favourites: Song: Transmission – Joy Division, Movie: Anything by Wes Anderson, Book: The Old Man and The Sea – Hemingway, Magazine: Wired, Clothing: Business-casual attire.

– Media Consumption Habits: Uses social media to communicate his brand message, show projects that his firm is working on, his personal account is packed full of retweeted designs and personal projects that are interesting and cool. Shows that he is all about the design-world, and keeps his followers up to date on the work he does. Promos his firm and has amassed a huge following. As far as news goes, follows journals like TechCrunch, Wired Online, Hacker News; always blogs or services that discuss cutting-edge technology and design. Twitter and Facebook usernames consist of combining their first and last names, nothing fancy and no aliases. While the conversations that Mark would participate in would be design based, critiquing works or offering advice / his two cents.

– Position: Owner and / or creative director at a major firm specializing in mobile or web design, with a large clientele to back up. Does a lot of the hiring and seeking of potential talent to add to his firm.

– Income: $75K – $100K annually, but spends more than 40hrs at work per week. High-end taste, brand name products, never settles for lesser-quality.

– Spending Habits: Lives lavishly, meals with clients, parties for staff, owns a nice car and their own property (downtown loft).

– Favourite Design Trends: Minimal design on the web, enjoys trends that are clean and simple but are effective in conveying the technical aspects of the piece.

– Their Company / Firm: A startup from Silicon Valley, that specializes in a specific service, or designs for a specific trend. Has evolved to the size of Hootsuite or Twitter (certainly not start-up size). Successful in that they are able to choose their own clients and select projects that interest them the most, but still offer challenges in design.

– Why Choose Me?: Can spot potential in up-and-coming designers, and wishes to present them with the opportunity to prove themselves, seeks out interesting projects online and uses it to get in contact with potential employees. Always looking for something or someone new to add to his ever-expanding team.

-User Story:
Weeks after graduation I was still getting no-where, as far as furthering my career goes. I had big dreams when I received my degree but for then, it seemed as if everything was on pause. At the portfolio show I had twenty potential employers review my work and have a chat with me, I only heard back from five of them. But one of them was a guy named Nark So-and-so. We met for lunch three times to discuss design and work, and see if his firm and any potential openings. He was definitely interested in my work, and made sure to say so. He posted sample pieces I had done on his personal blog four times, so I knew that was a good sign. I wasn’t guaranteed a spot at his firm as of yet, so I proceeded to pass out more business card – resume combos. And after my fiftieth attempt was handed out, I received a phone call. It was Mark’s firm inviting me in to work on a project with them as a contractor for the time, but a full-time position would be up for debate. All the work had finally paid off. They mentioned that reviewing every page of my personal website, more than ten times, they knew I would be the right fit. Since that time, we have worked through seven different client projects together, and our design-minds have become bettered through each other’s influence and advice.


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