Online Identity Remix

PART 01:
The networks I most often visit or access would be Instagram, Tumblr, and Facebook. There are plenty of other social network options available for an individual to choose from, such as; Twitter, Flickr, Deviant Art, and even Myspace, however none hold my attention like my chosen three. There are also smaller social networks, that focus on things I’m more interested in such as dribble, cargo collective, and even fffound, as they all focus on design pieces and do well to inspire me. To present myself to the world, through the use of social networks, has to be done with extreme care. I would most like to give the feeling that I am a professional in my field who is open to choosing interesting and sometimes out-of-the-box projects, as well as someone who loves what they do.

PART 02:

The piece was designed to somewhat subtly incorporate the different faces of design in which I think I excel in, as well as want to pursue later. The photo itself is a double exposure of a self portrait, and some of the trees of Stanley Park in Vancouver. Showcasing my love for photography, as well as that of my ability and talent with photoshop. This is especially true as I’ve been trying to make a proper double exposure photo for a reasonable amount of time. On the left half of the composition, I added the symbol I created to associate with myself or my brand (if ever the time comes). I edited the symbol to sort of fit the theme of the composition, with the grained overlay and some photo-realistic qualities with the strands overlapping. Including the vector piece into the photo somewhat symbolizes my love of another faucet of design, being User Interface design. This piece was created for a social network like Facebook or Instagram, acting as a post or possibly even the banner to a page about my work or portfolio. The type of audience that would appreciate a piece like this would definitely be a more artistically-drive crowd. Possibly other graphic artists or photographers who have an eye or appreciation for design or this type of work.

Some potential Remixes for the piece could be:
– A cropped area of the piece used in a business-card design.
– If the image was used and spliced together with others for a poster for a gallery show or larger-format medium.
– Or a different individual could take the different layers of photoshop and replace the portrait with one of themselves and instead of blending a vertical forest picture, they could choose something more significant to themselves.


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