Social Media Rating

A serious social media presence is something that wasn’t necessarily considered to be important before, whereas now its importance has exploded to a point where people’s careers can be made or broken as a result. It has certainly become a driving force. To reference Marshall McLuhan, social media has enabled the Internet to become a playground for communications, opportunities and relationships all to be forged and lost on a global scale. In my case, as strong presence through various social media channels, holds great importance for my career and potential work opportunities. Through services like LinkedIn, the career potential is obvious, however through applications like Facebook and Instagram examples of my work become that much easier to share.

The score I received, was an accurate reflection of my online presence, I feel. Examining my presence in the sense where, if needed I would be able to reach that many people, through all of the combined channels. Combining Facebook friends, Instagram and Twitter followers, LinkedIn connections as well as a couple of others determined the score I added together for myself. Hopefully by the end of the term I will be able to bump up my score, as although I wouldn’t consider it a poor score, there is serious room for improvement. I aim to collect a great deal of more followers as the term and my career go on, and through an improved understanding of how to accomplish this I’ll become that much better at it.


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